Navigator Direct, Inc. is excited to celebrate the company’s 20th year in the business of freight logistics. In the past twenty years, Navigator Direct has supported the transportation needs of thousands of companies across North America. With a company culture that strives for excellence in communication, Navigator Direct continues to be a valued business partner for both shippers and carriers.

Founded in 2001, Navigator Direct has experienced and embraced the evolution in how businesses communicate.  In the first years of operation, fax machines were constantly humming as the common alternative to postal mail.  For those who had cell phones with text messaging capabilities, they were used mainly for abbreviated communications between friends.  Cell phone service in rural America was spotty at best, and truck drivers still relied on pay phones to keep in communication with their dispatchers.  Regardless of the limited communication methods that existed 20 years ago, Navigator Direct always placed constant and clear communication as the top priority to achieving a successful outcome in every business transaction.

Company founder and CEO, Bob MacGrady, reminisced about April 5th, 2001.  “It was our first day of business, and our first opportunity to impress our first customer with a multi-truck project.  We had the trucks staged off site and waiting for our cue.  Then our phone lines went down, meaning any customer or carrier who called our business phone line would receive an automated message stating, ‘this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service’.  We responded with a sense of urgency and got the phone company to automatically forward incoming calls to my cell phone.  The first challenge was a communication failure we did not anticipate, but it was a great first lesson.  We believe every load is important and we will do everything to ensure success through our communication efforts.”

Twenty years later, paper is a rarity and digital transmission of documents is the norm.  Through embracing change, Navigator Direct has evolved with their business partners to ensure successful and thriving companies for everyone.

Navigator Direct would like to take this opportunity to thank all our current and past employees and business partners for their roles in making our success possible.  People may come and go, but the Navigator Direct’s solid foundation based on its company core values have positioned it to endure the test of time.  We are here to serve our customers now and into the future.  If you would like to be a part of Navigator Direct’s future as an employee, shipper, or carrier, please review our web site for a communication link applicable to you.  We are excited to have you be a part of our future.